Credit: Tanner Goods

Customizable Belts by Tanner Goods

And more!

Great belts are notoriously hard to find, in particular Made in America belts. One of the components always seems to be off. Either the buckle is wrong and the belt is great, or the leather is the wrong color, or it's overpriced. Any of these combinations has forever left me just giving up and going vintage.

However, Tanner Goods nails it with their assortment. Not only are they Made in America, but they are built from a fantastic array of components AND if you go in to one of their stores, you can customize to your hearts content; belt width, color, buckle, strap and monogram.

Each belt is constructed from 10-11 oz. vegetable-tanned Meridian English Bridle and features a premium, hand-cast buckle, Made in the USA. The edges are dyed, burnished, and waxed by hand, and each belt is stamped with the signature makers mark. 

Tanner Goods Belts

Belt widths vary from the Standard 1.5" all the way down to the Narrow at 1/2", with a couple of others in between. Different buckles, different finishes give you a full selection of classic styles that will fit in with your personal needs. It's a very well thought out program indeed.

Further to that, their selection of other leather goods, bags and accessories is extensive and equally as high quality. I visited their Downtown LA store and it was what you want a retail experience to be. The staff were intuitive, the space is very well curated and functional, no frills, just the right amount of design, thoroughly impressive. I'm a fan, like many before me.

If you haven't already go check out your local store or supplier.