Kuroki 9oz White Selvedge Navy Twill

Kuroki 9oz White Selvedge Navy Twill

We recently salvaged this roll of 9oz selvedge twill in Los Angeles. It's another example of an existing, beautiful fabric being readily available to us, just sitting on a warehouse shelf. We are going to be making a very limited number of our chino's for Spring 2018, which will be sold online and exclusively at American Rag, LA.

Kuroki was founded in 1950 by Tamotsu Kuroki and is located in the textile rich area of Okayama, Japan. In the early 1960's, Kuroki used the vat-dyeing technique for their denims, but in 1965, they moved to rope dyeing which gave the fabric a more authentic look and had tones of the American denim makers at the time.

Today, they are one of only two mills in Japan that indigo dye their yarn in house, which gives them complete control over color depth, shade and quality. After dyeing, the yarns are then woven on various looms depending on the end fabric requirements, they own a number of the original crown jewels of shuttle looms, the Toyoda's.

The company is divided into three parts that all focus on a different element of the production process, consequently they are able to tightly control every part of the production, guaranteeing the highest quality to the final products.

The first department controls the dyeing and it's where the denim is rope-dyed and sized for production. The next covers the denim weaving on the shuttle looms which create the highly sought after selvedge lines. The third department monitors finishing and wash, while the majority of their denim is either sold raw sanforized or unsanforized.

Kuroki is one of the premier mills on the planet for denim, twills and canvases. The quality of the cloth is unlike any other and it is made to last and gets better over time. This 9ox selvedge twill is a beautiful article and will be a fine addition to the collection. We're excited to get this into work and make the short run of chinos for Spring.