The industrial processes of making clothing today positions the fashion industry as the 2nd largest polluter on the planet (after fossil fuels). 

We’re presenting an alternative concept by repurposing some of the vast amounts of unused, mint condition textiles that we find in warehouses throughout the US. Some are vintage military, some Japanese, others are Italian, but they’ve all ended up here and we saw an opportunity.

Approximately 80% of the negative environmental impact lies within the textile side of the garment because it’s an inefficient, lengthy and depleting process to make virgin textiles, from the field to the factory floor. Then there's the manufacturing, home laundry and afterlife of garments, but it's fair to say the bulk of the damage is done upfront before the finished fabric is made into clothing.

So by removing the need for any new textiles, we removed a significant portion of the problem. It seemed like a logical place to start.

~ NB