DOUBLE ELEVEN eliminates a vast majority of the normal carbon footprint associated with premium clothing and still offer Made in USA garments priced affordably.

It all started in a factory, surrounded by mountain of discarded fabric remnants, and a realization there must be a better way to create premium clothing without creating so much waste and wasting so much energy. DOUBLE ELEVEN founder Nathan Bogle knew it meant stripping down the entire process of creating clothing – from sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, even to communication and packaging. Bogle turned to the past to envision an alternative to the sizable footprint made by the journey of a single garment.

It was two years into WWII when Britain found itself in the midst of a dire rationing crisis. Inflation was rampant, and certain raw materials such as wool, cotton, and leather could no longer be imported. Originating from the need for efficiency and to contain sky rocketing clothing prices, the CC41 Utility Clothing Scheme was created. This national movement eliminated excess in all its forms and the ‘CC41’ insignia began appearing on clothing to indicate that an item met the government’s strict austerity regulations. This insignia became recognized as a guarantee of sensible design, high quality materials and workmanship at an affordable price.

After the war ended in 1945, but whilst rationing was still in effect, some clothing was permitted to be made under the ‘luxury utility’ label DOUBLE ELEVEN. Garments bearing this label were made from better grade fabrics, had more elaborate construction and trims, and were subject to purchase tax.

British Board of Trade


Influenced by this historical eschewing of excess whilst still maintaining quality, Nathan was inspired to create a contemporary version of these schemes that addressed our immediate need to reduce our environmental impact when producing clothing, without any compromises to high quality and durability whatsoever.

By only utilizing local deadstock textiles, manufacturing everything within the region it is distributed, distilling packaging and the supply chain, DOUBLE ELEVEN is able to eliminate a vast majority of the traditional carbon footprint normally associated with the making of clothing and still offer a great clothing that's affordable and premium, with the belief that in the right set of hands sustainability and simplicity make the perfect pair.