Why the name CC15?

In 1941, two years into the World War II conflict, the Utility Apparel Order was initiated in England. Under this scheme clothing had to abide by strict manufacturing and material regulations to limit waste and production due to rationing. All clothing was clearly identified with the utility mark known as CC41 (Civilian Clothing 1941). Despite pressure on resources and the need for austerity, the mark became recognized as a guarantee of sensible design, high quality materials and workmanship, at moderate prices.

Inspired by this, CC15 was founded in 2015, with the ambition to help resolve a different kind of conflict. Seventy-four years ago rationing came into effect due to shortages, today we have an excess of materials and products fueling overconsumption. This comes at a price. The global apparel industry is second to oil in its chemical pollution of the planet. CC15 intends to be a solution brand for those looking for conscientious products with no compromise to quality and style.


  • By only using reclaimed deadstock premium denim and pocketing
  • By producing everything within the region we distribute it
  • By reducing our laundry water usage to the absolute minimum
  • By never spraying or treating our jeans with harmful chemicals
  • By going to our customers directly; not through retailers
  • By releasing new product when materials become available
  • By distilling packaging and the supply chain
  • By offering premium quality jeans that are affordable
  • By demonstrating that utility is both smart and stylish
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